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Paola Fiore

Sustainability Management and Communications Specialist, Renewables & Environment

Hi! Welcome to my Site. I'm Paola Fiore, Sustainability Management and Communications Specialist and founder of ETICAMBIENTE® Sustainability Management and Communications Consulting.

Paola Fiore's Bio:

Paola fiore is a sustainability management and communications specialist and the founder of ETICAMBIENTE® Sustainability Management & Communications Consulting. She helps environmentally and socially responsible corporate and nonprofit organizations develop key policies and strategies to reduce operational costs, enable cost-effective resources management, attract conscious customers and employees and enhance credibility and trust. Having built a career and business that support her passion for the environment, Paola leverages her creativity, experience and training in environmental law, sustainability management and communications to capitalize on sustainability opportunities. She has been been featured in several Italian publications, including La Stampa TuttoScienze and ICT magazines like Computer Business Review and ITA.SAS.COM. Paola works best with CEOs and board members, C-level executives and senior and middle managers, especially in the agro-industry, chemical, energy, environmental and green ICT sectors. They are ready to develop a new business model, find the right balance among economic, social and environmental goals and become first market leaders to drive long-term business growth. With a distinctive business strategy and strong knowledge of sustainability, they're enabled to identify the main challenges for a more sustainable growth. She has over 15 years experience in sustainability management and communications consulting in Italy and UK, 21+ years of environmental studies and 10+ years as a professional freelance journalist and media consultant. Her core credentials are: MSc Business and Corporate Communication; MSc Environmental Law and Environmental Management; BA (Hons) Documentary Photography, Fine Art Landscape and Nature Images; Jurisprudence Degree, Environmental Law and Economics Specialization. When not at work, you'll find her enjoying traveling, photographing landscapes, reading about eco-innovation and environment. SIGN UP FOR PAOLA'S SUSTAINABILITY TIPS & UPDATES:

Paola Fiore's Experience:

  • Documentary & Landscape Photographer at DOCUMENTARY PHOTOGRAPHY

    I worked as professional documentary and eco-visual communications consultant for the media industry, private companies and non-profit organizations to develop environmental and social documentary photography projects. I supported pre-production, staging and photo management, including the story telling and workflow aspects. Duties and accomplishments included: 1) Strengthened brand messaging through compelling photo presentations; 2) Increased brand recognition and revenues with visual and written communications audits; 3) Attracted conscious consumers through leveraging relevant stories, interviews and photo projects; 4) Supported eco-initiatives through recommending sustainability visual strategies, tools and collateral; 5) Helped editors optimize projects through developing online media and 2.0 journalism platforms; 6) Assisted in developing publication content with photo research and advising on environmental issues; 7) Produced editorial and stock images for corporate clients and the Italian Photo Agency Grazia Neri; 8) Taught photojournalism at Romanian universities for the Italian National Journalists Association.

  • Journalist, PR & Communications Consultant at JOURNALISM & NEWSWRITING

    Supported media, corporate and nonprofit clients to regain trust, authentically communicate with stakeholders and build a credible image by leveraging new media strategies and tools. I worked as an expert consultant for media industry, PR, marketing and communications agencies, focusing on the agro-industry, chemical, energy, environmental, green ICT, oil and gas sectors. Duties and accomplishments included: 1) Facilitated C-Suite'€™s understanding of PR'€™s current and potential contributions to company'€™s success; 2) Optimized integration of PR & reputation considerations into top-level organizational strategies; 3) Empowered traditional media companies with strategies to develop the best approach to green culture; 4) Improved and increased media coverage with structured briefings to define goal and core messages; 5) Conducted sustainability research for executives by developing corporate case study and surveys; 6) Supported marketing managers in sales activities and created green marketing material and services; 7) Strengthened client relationships on-line/off-line and engaged companies with local communities; 8) Taught courses in Italy on press offices organization for the Italian National Journalists Association.

  • Sustainability Management & Communications Specialist at ETICAMBIENTE® SUSTAINABILITY MANAGEMENT & COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTING

    Empower socially responsible corporate and non-profit organizations to create innovative sustainable business solutions and strategies that minimize the environmental impacts of business and maximize the bottom line. Services and results created for clients include: 1) Improve performance and reduce the environmental impact of business by implementing sustainability management systems and promoting best practices in environmental management and audit schemes; 2) Manage and forecast economic and natural consumption of an organization and enhance the strategic impact of sustainability by defining effective metrics to measure baselines and track performance; 3) Minimize risk, reduce costs and promote eco-efficiency by identifying key areas for change and measuring and monitoring different elements of an organization's carbon emissions; 4) Empower boards and executives to deliver triple bottom line value by converting knowledge of environmental management, green communications, marketing and PR into winning, client-centered solutions; 5) Reduce the environmental impact of purchases by helping businesses implement sustainable supply chains, improve procurement, logistics, product development and stewardship, and cut carbon emissions; 6) Help companies avoid disciplinary measures by insuring compliance with legislation at national, European and international levels through developing sustainability monitoring and tracking systems; 7) Enhance brand reputation through developing and implementing sustainability communications strategies, applying 2.0 tools, and providing an expert perspective through speaking, presentation and panel discussions; 8) Improve leadership development and awareness of the power of applying sustainability principles in both work and life inside organizations by using coaching and training at organizational, team and individual level.

Paola Fiore's Education:

  • LSJ London School of Journalism, London, UK

    Diploma Course in Journalism and Newswriting
    Activities: Journalism and Newswriting.
  • U.W.C.N. University of Wales College Newport, UK

    BA (Hons)
    Concentration: Documentary Photography
    Activities: Dissertation thesis «New Landscape Photography Practices: Contemporary Approaches to the Constructed Landscape and the Perceived Environment». Supervisor: Prof. Pete Davis.
  • University of the Studies of Pavia, Italy

    Degree in Jurisprudence
    Concentration: Specialization in Environmental Law and Economics
    Activities: Dissertation thesis: "The new environmental policy of the European Union".

Paola Fiore's Interests & Activities:

Interests: Sustainable Development; Ecology; Environmental Protection; Nature, Wildlife and Landscape Photography. Specialized in: - Environmental Law and Sustainability Standards - Environmental Management and Audit Schemes - Carbon Management and Emissions Reporting - CSR Management and Accountability Standards - Energy Management and Eco-efficiency Plans - Sustainability Metrics Management and Reporting - Environmental Journalism and Communications - Stakeholder Engagement and Facilitation Process - Sustainability Education and Training Programs - Executive Mentoring and Coaching Frameworks

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